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Monthly Archives: April, 2014

There’s no place like “home”

Last week we flew “home” to Sydney for a short visit – followed a few days later by flying back “home” to Melbourne. I know, I’m confused too. I’ve been wondering where is home nowadays? And what does home even mean to me anymore? Visiting Sydney It was a wonderful and exciting feeling being in Sydney …

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The strange tale of a twitter friendship

Recently I turned a cyber-connection into a real relationship. Yes, that’s right, I finally met IRL (in real life for the non-twitterati amongst you) one of my twitter friends, Karen. And it was fabulous. We’d met through a twitter chat group  (Healthcare and Social Media Australia and New Zealand) – and interacted in 140 character messages …

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Jack of all trades

Since I’ve been running a small business I’ve found I needed to become a Jack of all trades, a master at weaving multiple competing activities into a seamless whole. Simultaneously. Things demanding attention at any one time include: Doing the current work and submitting it by the agreed date Following up leads and developing a pipeline of future …

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I’m terribly sorry Trixie

Trixie is my name for all things that try to keep us from from changing, growing and blossoming. And this blog is about some ideas for how we can learn to say no to Trixie.  I’ve been through my fair share of changes lately. In fact I think I’ve been suffering change overload. I’ve changed from …

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Doctor’s who don’t

Yes I am a doctor…but I don’t see patients. It’s been a hard journey to break free of societal expectations about being a doctor, and even harder to let go of my own web of shoulds. When I was 18,  for about a minute and a half I thought it would be a good idea …

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