Think Feel ACT…"Write your own story"

Starting from today

Starting from today you have the opportunity to plan your life in any direction you choose. You get to write your own story.

All roads from the past have made you who you are to today lead to this exact point you are standing on right now. In this moment.

No matter what the past has been you get the choice to begin again now each and every day of your life. The mistakes and misadventures of yesterday have made you who you are today – but they don’t define you either. Let them flow away from you with the river of time.

And zoom your perspective right down to the person you are in this moment. And think again about the person you really are deep inside as you are today. Think about your bigger vision – the life you really want to lead and the person you really want to be.

Many potential futures stretch out ahead. Some are the logical extension of the past – some are a massive leap away from the road you have been travelling.

Which road will bring you closer to your ultimate vision? Which will you choose? And you do get to choose. In fact you must choose which way into the future you wish to travel starting from today. Doing nothing is also a choice.

There is merit in sticking to the decisions made yesterday while they continue to serve you well. But there is also merit in assessing if yesterday’s plans continue to fit who you are today – whether they are still taking you in the direction towards your bigger goal.

Plans should not be abandoned without careful thought. But plans should not be stuck to “just because” either – that can end up trapping you into your own internal “shoulds” that can drive your further away from the life you really want.

So here you stand today and you get to choose what type of tomorrow you want to live. You get to choose what type of person you want to be.

So think about the things you have read and learnt until now. Do you want to go deeper into familiar ground? Or is branching out into something different sounding exciting?

Are the friendships and relationships you have healthy and sustaining? Do they need revitalising and refreshing? Are there some relationships it’s time to let go of? What other types of people would you like to bring into your life? How will you go about connecting with the people you want and need in your life?

What about your work? How long have you been doing your current role for? Is it still serving you well? Is it energising and fulfilling and meaningful? Or are you trapped and craving change?

Are you living your values? Are you finding opportunities to use your strengths every day in creative ways in order to grow?

Are you living comfortably in your own skin? Or are you living in a facade of expectations and should you have inherited from the past.

So honour yesterday’s plans for bringing you to this exact moment and helping you grow into the marvellously unique person you are right now, in this moment. But also hold them lightly while you take the time to reassess if they are still taking you to where you want to go.

Think about who you really are today. Feel what it would be like to live in your imagined future. Then ACT with insight and passion to create the tomorrow you really want.

And then, when you are ready, spread your wings and let yourself fly.




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