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Monthly Archives: June, 2014

To thine own self be…a true friend

Don’t we all love our friends? Friends are wonderful – such an important part of our lives. Friends are a blessing. Friends are those people with whom we share joy and pain. Friends are those people we choose to have in our lives who bring sunshine and happiness. Whether true friends, best friends forever, or even fair-weather …

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An addictive kindness

Over the past year I’ve been more and more interested in investigating, reading and learning about the quality of kindness. I’ve written quite a few blogs about kindness now, including cyber-kindness. Kindness is something we often give and take for granted for those close to us. When we are lucky enough to have people we …

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The problem with evidence based health is not what you think

I’ve based a huge chunk of my career on the assumption that evidence-based information helps people make better informed health decisions, have better health conversations with their doctors and ultimately leads to better health outcomes. Evidence is my stock in trade. I have spent many years translating evidence into a form that people can understand. …

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