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Monthly Archives: May, 2014

The 10 simple steps to success

Have you noticed the rise and rise of people selling books, courses, webinars all promising “10 simple steps to success”? Want to lose weight? 10 simple steps to success. Want to become more assertive? 10 simple steps to success. Want to find meaning in life? 10 simple steps to success. Want to find peace in …

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Building a website with fuzzy goals

Currently I’m in the process of building a website. My budget is very small so I have opted for a DIY approach using WordPress. It’s conceptually simple, yet impossibly (screamingly, frustratingly) hard all at the same time. I’m up to about version 57 of the home page and there are probably about 57 (at least) versions to go before I’ll …

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Resilience and challenges

Are you wondering how to become more resilient? Resilience is a hot issue at the moment. Schools, workplaces, the army are all interested in increasing resilience of their students, people and recruits. But why? Resilience, loosely defined, is someone’s ability to bounce back (rather than crumple or shatter) in the face of challenges or some sort of trauma. Clearly …

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How to give feedback with cyberkindness

If you Google “cyberkindness” – one of previous my blogs on cyberkindness comes up fourth on the list – I’m kinda excited about that. Fourth on a Google search ain’t bad. But the thing is there are only about 1.2 million results – which in the Google scheme of things is terrifyingly small. Perhaps the terms …

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How to be a life explorer

As a kid I remember long summer afternoons on an archeological dig in the backyard – dreaming of the fame that would result from the antiquities I would uncover. I remember visiting my father’s office – and exploring all the hidden secret spaces up the back stairs and poking through dusty cupboards looking for treasure. By high …

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You are not your career

Career guidance: There is irony in the fact that I am still trying to get my career in hand, yet I am now in the position of helping and guiding my children in their future career directions. As such I found myself this afternoon at a careers expo at Monash University for senior high school …

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