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Monthly Archives: November, 2014

Exercise and me

Exercising is a priority for me – but one that I struggle with. It has so many benefits including: Strength, flexibility and fitness Weight, blood pressure and cholesterol control Improved resilience, stress and mood management Even so I often have a hard time convincing myself to turn up. It’s just easier to stay sitting down in front of my …

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Taming nature

Weeding the garden: I spent the morning sitting outside weeding the garden. Enjoying the sun on my back (in fleeting bursts ala Melbourne style), and not caring about the grit chipping my nail polish or the dirt embedding itself under my fingernails. And more than anything, feeling grateful we live in a house with greenery – with …

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Along the Yellow Brick Road: Journeys with my coach

Throughout our lives we are all making journeys. Some big, some small. Some peaceful, some scary. Some to remember, some to forget. The Wizard of Oz may be a fairytale for children yet the adventures of Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tinman and Lion along the Yellow Brick Road have much to teach us about journeys in growth and change. And it …

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