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The strange tale of a twitter friendship

Recently I turned a cyber-connection into a real relationship. Yes, that’s right, I finally met IRL (in real life for the non-twitterati amongst you) one of my twitter friends, Karen. And it was fabulous.

We’d met through a twitter chat group  (Healthcare and Social Media Australia and New Zealand) – and interacted in 140 character messages on a variety of topics of mutual interest – not surprisingly related to healthcare and social media.

So by the time we met we’d already sorted out the fundamentals of what we had in common – both doctors, both mothers, both think social media is the future.

A pretty good foundation for a relationship.

In the process of moving to Melbourne, I was very conscious that I needed to organise our own medical care to transition into. And what type of doctor would I be if I didn’t have specific requirements for the medical care I was after. Not too big, not small – but just right.

My problem was I didn’t know how to find what I needed from Sydney. The doctors I asked in Sydney weren’t able to help. They just didn’t know who’s who in Melbourne well enough to find “Dr Right”.

What I needed was to get hold of someone who did know the Melbourne medical landscape. And who better than a Melbourne GP. So I contacted Karen.  Via twitter of course.

Karen had always struck me as the type of GP I’d like to go to…and when I tweeted her if I could ask some advice she graciously provided a phone number and deeper relationship began.

We hit it off immediately. We just clicked. I remember discussing all sorts of issues such as chicken care, why we were moving to Melbourne, what work I was currently doing etc – all before we got to the actual question of how to find “Dr Right”.

And Karen listened to me. Listened to what I wanted and needed – took all my specifications into account. And recommended exactly the right person.

As if that wasn’t enough, Karen extended herself in setting up a meeting between myself and her husband – the CEO of a boutique software company interested in

And this meeting resulted in a short term contract for me. Experimental on both sides for sure. But what a way to find work.

After all of that it was finally time for Karen and I to meet in person.

And it was even better than I anticipated. No matter how well you can know somebody on social media, real life is just so much better.

You get to meet a person in 3-dimensions. Hear the sound of their laughter. See the twinkle in their eye.

Nothing can replace a face-to-face in person relationship. That’s for sure.

But that doesn’t mean we should abandon social media either. Because social media can bring us into contact with a wider range of people than ever before. And that can be enormously enriching for our lives, particularly when you merit to segue from the virtual to the real.

Karen, I am so glad to have finally met you. We had fun and I hope it is the first of many such meetings in real life.

I’m looking forward to the next one already.


  1. Great to see you two have met! 🙂

    • Thanks Ed! You’re also on the wish list of people to meet one day 😉

      • Likewise 🙂


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