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Monthly Archives: March, 2014

The paradoxical heart

Over the past couple of Sundays I have attended a first aid training course. Great trainer – we had lots of laughs along the way. But it was time well spent. Not only was I able to earn professional development points, but it was a great refresher for things like CPR (resuscitation) that I first …

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What to do about Facebook distress?

Facebook is a curious place. It’s at once frivolous and funny, educational and informative, completely and utterly inappropriate. It can also be a place of great sadness as well as a place of support. Lately I’ve been noticing people using Facebook as a place to make a cry for help. That worries me. Sometimes people cry for help …

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Bringing out your best…for your medical writing business and your life

  I am so proud of this guest post I wrote for Health Writer Hub – Enjoy!!  Running a medical writing business from home sounds wonderful. No commuting. You can work in your pajamas at midnight. There’s a continuous supply of coffee, food and chocolate. But while running a home business promises fun it can be …

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“Pass Me By”

Father Goose I had never heard of the 1964 Cary Grant WWII romantic comedy “Father Goose” until Rob, one of my US based followers, wrote in response to my previous blog Getting to the meeting on time…with makeup that it had reminded him of the movie’s theme song – “Pass Me By”. Clearly I hadn’t heard of …

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Getting to the meeting on time…with makeup

Makeup and trains Last week, I was running ever so slightly behind in leaving the house for an important meeting in the city. So I packed up my notes, handbag and assorted bits and pieces and headed off. Being late would definitely not be a good look. About 3 minutes after leaving the house I …

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A sacrifice to the altar of work?

We’ve been in Melbourne for 2 months now – and I’m starting to feel like I’m getting my head above water. As part of the settling in process I’ve been reconsidering what to do about work. Those of you who have been following my blog will know during the second half of last year I decided …

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