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I’m terribly sorry Trixie

Trixie is my name for all things that try to keep us from from changing, growing and blossoming. And this blog is about some ideas for how we can learn to say no to Trixie.  I’ve been through my fair share of changes lately. In fact I think I’ve been suffering change overload. I’ve changed from …

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Does mental health have sex appeal?

We are just weeks away from an election here in Australia. And my fave question of the election coverage via twitter is: The problem is, in this election, health (as against mental health the poor cousin) barely seems to rate a mention. So what to do about health? What to do about mental health? Will jumping up …

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A totally “cool” thing to do

The things I don’t understand… I’m still on the uphill ride to my mid forties, nearer to 45 than I am to 50. From where I sit in my relative youth, 50 seems a mysterious “young-old” sort of age, with rules all it’s own. For example: You are old enough to be taken seriously (or …

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Random acts of “cyber-kindness”

“Cyber-kindness” –  the quality of being kind to a person one does not know in real life via social media or other forms of electronic communication. There is so much written and cautioned about the harms of cyber-bullying. Indeed most businesses have social media policies prohibiting this behaviour. (And if they haven’t got one yet …

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A better approach to “work-life balance”

“Work-life balance” is all wrong. Yes, you hear me correctly. The concept of work-life balance is totally and utterly wrong, and misleads us into thinking we can achieve something that is impossible. There is no such thing as work-life balance. Who can say they have it? Either our hours are too long and we don’t …

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Chickens and the meaning of life

Finding our family owning and caring for 2 chickens (the gorgeous Penny and Jenny) continues to be somewhat of a surprise…even after 2 and a half years. Luckily they stay outside, produce the freshest, tastiest eggs ever (even if they don’t quite look as perfect as supermarket eggs), and they make great conversation starters. But …

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Can you see the truth behind the label?

What are labels? Labels can be incredibly helpful. By boiling things down to a single idea they help us make sense of the world. They can help us make sensible and informed choices about all sorts of things we need to do or buy.  They can help us compare, define and categorise things like cars, works of …

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Impossible expectations and other “shoulds”

Impossible expectations Do you ever set yourself up with impossible expectations? Probably most of us do at times. I certainly do. Here’s some typical examples: I “should” be expert at something the first time I try it. Once I’ve learned a new skill I “should” never slip back into old habits. I “should” always know …

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Who is the real you?

I bet we could all describe a sunset with a reasonable degree of similarity. We may use different words, but we’d probably all end up saying something like “lovely colours”, “awe inspiring”, or “wish we could paint it”. That sort of thing. There’s probably the odd person who’d say it’s the change in refraction of the …

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