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Be who you wanna be – a moving tale

It has been simply too long since I wrote a blog post. We have moved cities – it has been a big deal. And so totally absorbing.


Blogging just can’t compete with 3D tetris – otherwise known as packing boxes. And blogging just can’t compete with unpacking those very same boxes and working out where everything should live in a completely new set up. And blogging can’t compete with remembering where all your things now live, what each light switch does, and where the light switch you need is anyway.


No blogging has had to wait. Until now.

In a spontaneous Facebook challenge I asked my fan club what I should blog about now – “Moving” was top of the pops. So Karen, Lisa, Andre, Tamar and Mordi – these thoughts are for you.

You lose some you win some

Moving has been a process of gains and losses.

We’ve lost the ability to walk to buy or do whatever it is we wanted – fish, bread, milk, meat, a couple of lemons, post office, banking etc BUT we’ve gained an air-conditioned house with a driveway – that’s pretty cool after 20 years of driving around the block trying to park (no pun intended). Kind of makes it worthwhile to take the car out for a sprig of parsley.


We’ve lost close by family that can drop in unexpectedly – a truly big loss BUT we’ve gained readier access to old friends as well as the chance to make a world of new friends too. And that’s something to treasure in and of itself.

We’ve lost our chooks – no more fresh, fresh eggs, no more party tricks and instant conversation starters BUT we’ve gained a funky decorative chook from South Melbourne market  (well we like her anyway!!). We named her “Penny 2” – and the garden is a lot neater and cleaner too.


We’ve lost yellow and black number plates BUT gained blue and white plates that look pretty cool on a blue car. A small compensation for changing identity I suppose.

We’ve lost the wonderful and breath-taking sea-green vista of Bondi BUT we’ve gained a house with a view of greenery from every window and a really neat internal courtyard. We’ve got solar heating and recycled water too – so truly green living – and that, in it’s own way, is breathtaking too.


We’ve lost a hot, humid Sydney summer BUT gained 4 x 40+ degree days in a row in a record breaking heatwave – yep – having aircon is blessedly cool.

We’ve lost the comfort of the familiar and the known BUT gained an adventure in experiencing the unknown and uncertain. (I think adventure is a rather nice reframe for “stress” don’t you?)

We’ve lost our place in the community and our reputations – we are unknowns in the new community and need to carve out a space BUT we’ve gained the ability to recreate and reinvent ourselves in marvellously unexpected ways. It brings new meaning to “Be who you wanna be”.


So who do I wanna be anyway?

So who will I turn out to be? How will I grow and change throughout this process? The truth is this process of change has only just started. There’s a way to go yet in settling in, finding a niche, and exploring this strange new world called Melbourne.

But I’m determined to make the most of it and be a better person for the experience. How this carnival ride we are on will pan out I don’t know – but I’ll be sure to keep you posted. So hold on and enjoy the ride.


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  1. My wife thinks she is the tetris master so she refuses to let anyone else even pack something as small suitcase. Good luck with your move.

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