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Looking backwards: Looking forwards

Hopes and dreams

I went to a baby shower this morning. It was a lovely way to spend Sunday morning. There were four generations under one roof – and many hopeful wishes for the new person we’ll soon get to meet.

We were asked to bring a baby photo of ourselves – to see who could guess who was who. We had black and white photos (yes I fall into that age group), Instagram photos, even a random photo printed off the internet.

It was fun trying to match a baby photo to an adult. My friend still has the same smile she was born with. I was told I still have the same eyes. And likenesses were seen where there weren’t any because the photo was of someone else. That made me laugh.

And that eclectic bunch of babies turned into an eclectic bunch of adults. There were a couple of brand-new lawyers, an anthropologist, a jeweller, a director of nursing in an aged-care facility, a GP (not me) and more. Who knew in advance how each of those babies would grow?

It made me think about the hopes and dreams parents surely hold for their children. The types of dreams we all may hold for the new lives that touch ours.

Children are born with an unknown potential we can only wonder about. We wonder who will they become? What and who will they love? What will be their passions and talents? Their achievements? And we hope and dream they will lead blessed lives of joy, free from pain and free from hurt.

And somewhere in amongst the hopes and dreams of others – a real person is growing, and developing hopes and dreams of their own.

Looking backwards

And so I turned to my own grainy, black and white (yellowing around the edges) photo. At 11 months I certainly had thoughtful eyes. But who knew the twists and turns of living my life would take? I certainly didn’t.

At 11 months my hopes and dreams probably consisted of food, warmth, love. And those dreams haven’t gone away. They’ve just got more sophisticated. Yes I do like shopping I confess.

At 11 months those adult worries and anxieties had not yet cluttered my vision. What did I know of responsibilities and difficult choices? What did I know of paying a mortgage, running a household, working for a living? What did I know of pain, loss, grief, and challenges?

There in my eyes is a pure faith that my needs will be taken care of. That I will be fed, warm and loved.

So there is the lesson my 11 month old self has for me. I look into my 11 month old eyes – and I hear myself saying, “Hang in there”. I hear myself saying, “Whatever happens, it will all be OK”.

Looking forwards

And so as I get caught up in starting a new business, developing a pipeline, doing taxes, and all the rest of it, I think it will be a good thing to tap into that faith and knowledge that it will all be OK.

It will be a good thing to spend more energy on doing than on worrying.

And I tell myself, whatever life has in store around the next corner, whatever happens, it will all be OK. And that feels pretty good.



  1. Rob Burnside

    I hate to say it, Dr. J., but you looked like Winston Churchill (minus the cigar). But then, all babies do, don’t they? Still, in your expression (if this is indeed you), I see intelligence, resolution, and perhaps a bit of healthy skepticism. Judging this book by its cover, success in life has been virtually guaranteed. In other words, you were the geeter with the heater from the get-go! You’ll likely live to 110 or so, and deliver long-winded lectures to the loyal opposition well into your dotage. And if this isn’t you…um, I hope you make 110 anyway.

    • HiRob,
      Yes it’s me, so I’m flattered..I think!?!?!?
      Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment 😉

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