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A moving GIF showing a basic 3 ball-cascade ju...

A moving GIF showing a basic 3 ball-cascade juggling pattern: good for juggling explanation. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well it’s been four days now and one thing is abundantly clear – to be a consultant you need to master juggling.

I have spent most of the week feeling like I was switching between keeping all the balls in the air and keeping a bunch of plates spinning on poles.

And back again.

Juggling clients, juggling prospective clients, juggling family commitments, juggling friends, juggling my own needs (like eating), juggling admin.

Juggling just about everything.


I’ve managed the needs of my current clients and negotiated with prospective clients, seemingly all at once. Or at least with rapid switching between them.

I’ve had out of the house meetings with clients or prospective clients every day…and only got one parking ticket. Not bad for driving around Sydney.

I’ve refilled my business card holder twice this week – I’ve never done that before!

I’ve got the printer and the computer to talk to each other and created a pile of recycling. In the process I’ve actually submitted all the work I said I would. Phew.

I’ve filled in time sheets so I can bill accurately, but manually and it’s messy. Anyone got a favourite electronic time management system for dummies that can cope with multiple clients across multiple devices??? – Please share!!!

I’ve had kids at home sick and I’ve made myself a proper lunch everyday – but probably (definitely) eaten too much chocolate too. Well it is there, and I’m at home…

I’ve done two weights classes, caught up with old friends, and snuck in a couple of walks between meetings (albeit in heels – sigh).

And to think I thought I might have enough time to do a spot of grocery shopping. If all weeks are like this one, I won’t need to be worried about being bored or lonely, or doing any housework.

But a little slowing down, and a little less juggling, would be nice I think.


  1. Rookienotes

    Nice graphic

  2. Rob Burnside

    Dr. L , I can already see the main problem with self employment emerging–you have no one to turn out the lights and say, “Time to go home.” Beware the flying monkeys of overwork!
    And the software you’re looking for—try “When To Work” (I’m sorry I don’t have a link). Excellent post and graphics, though somewhat hypnotic! Rob

    • Why thankyou Rob…I’ll try to find that link…
      Have a good weekend…I will definitely be having some downtime

      • Rob Burnside

        Paddyqwa, Doc. We get an extra day off this weekend–Labor Day. You’re invited to celebrate with us!

      • Good for you!

      • Rob Burnside

        And you too–should you choose to accept. Hope you do!

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