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It’s off to work I go…


Well here I am Sunday evening…the eve of my first full week as a consultant.

My week ahead couldn’t be looking more different to last week – and I’m left wondering how it all happened so quickly.

I have signed up two clients…and thankfully have a heap of work to do. I’ve printed business cards, created a letterhead, worked out a time management system, and I’m still wrapping my head around an accounts system (and know why I’m not an accountant.)

it’s all coming together rather nicely. Definitely Divine intervention at work. But it does I feel like I’m on a rollercoaster – one of those really scary, adult only ones. All topsy turvy – not really engaged, instead just along for the ride. Anyone know where the stop button is?

And what a ride

From here on the rollercoaster, my daily life suddenly looks very different too.

No more hour long train/bus combination journeys just to get 5km into the city. I can now roll out of bed and onto my new MacBook – easy. This will mean more time for the kids before and after school. Win-win for everybody.

No more packing lunch – the kitchen is but a few steps away, and my favourite cafe just a few blocks.

I won’t need to dress up or wear heels everyday just to look a little taller.

I won’t need to engage in office politics (and for that I’m truly thankful).


I wonder how long till my newfound freedom starts to feel a little lonely. I do enjoy people and have met so many special friends at work (you know who you are!)

I wonder how long till I catch myself doing a load of washing during breaks – or quickly dashing out for a spot of grocery shopping. (Oh please save me…)

Will I feel like I have a real job at all?

It’s off to work I go

Bottom line is, I won’t know till I try.

So, without further thought, I’ve buckled my seatbelt and…..

….It’s off to work I go!!

I’ll keep you posted.

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  1. Good luck Joce!
    Have been working from home for nearly 2 years now, so here are my tips:
    1. You have a real job, so don’t forget it! A separate physical space and routine help.
    2. Sort out your to-do list the night before. That way you can schedule the grocery shop and not feel guilty about it. Being able to shop during the day and not Sunday night is one of the great benefits of working from home. As is being able to do stuff with the kids during school hours. I had never been on a school excursion until working from home. The down side is that sometimes you have to work in the evenings or weekend, but that can be quality time with dad for the kids 🙂
    3. Social time is important and keeping up with professional contacts vital. So schedule regular get togethers with at least one or two work friends – that fulfils both roles at once. Personally I have to get out of the house at least once a day (for my own sanity) so schedule things that force me out, because it’s all to easy to get caught in the trap of thinking that you have too much work to be able to go out.
    Still working it all out myself so looking forward to hearing how it goes with you.

    • Thanks Nat! Your comments are eminently sensible…I’ll definitely be blogging about this adventure

  2. Rob Burnside

    Dr. L: Here’s a little (and a little weird) suggestion I made to Dr. Greg when he was considering same. Do what my friend Alfie did–each morning, at about the same time, get in your car, or on your bike, and ride to work. Two blocks, four blocks, ten blocks–whatever it takes, with a stop for coffee/tea/bagels/whatever. Arrive at “work” (your dedicated workspace at home) and begin working. Long about noon, reverse the process. Do this each workday for a few weeks, saving the afternoons for appointments, conferences, shopping, etc. Alfie did it for almost six months and it helped him transition smoothly. In any case, good luck with all this! Rob B.

    • Thanks Rob. Nice ideas indeed…and not too weird at all!!
      I reckon the drive to and from school each day might prove helpful – something I haven’t done in a few years…
      Time will tell
      JL 🙂

  3. Rob Burnside

    Woops! I just noticed–you workweek has begun….carp the day!

  4. Good luck, Jocelyn.
    I don’t work from home but do have weeks off between short contracts so have quite a bit of spare time when I’m sitting at home alone and can get quite lonely. The great thing about being involved in social media is that it reduces that feeling of isolation so you’re already way ahead of the game on that one!

    • Thanks Penny,
      I agree, social media is brilliant for alleviating bouts of loneliness…
      JL 😉

  5. Dr. Jo,

    Sounds like you have made the transition in your head, and now you’re definitely making it in your schedule and daily work flow. I’m very proud of you for making the decision to move on and do something different that is very positive for you in so many ways.

    The suggestions in the previous comments are all good. I would echo that the isolation can be a very real stressor, so make sure you stay connected to people in a real sense.

    And hey, nothing wrong with getting a load of laundry done while you work!

    Best of luck to you!


    • Hi Greg,
      Thanks for the positive feedback – it means a lot.
      Truth is, I have worked at home before about a decade ago and I’m wary of the loneliness thing – I’ll be scheduling in lots of meetings I think!!
      But I’m not sure that laundry is really my thing…Yikes!!!
      Be well
      Jocelyn 😉

  6. Helena

    Hi Joc – just wanted to say “good luck” with your new venture!!! If you like what you do, it doesn’t matter if your schedule isn’t strictly 9-5… but you know that already. In any case, I find house work quite good as ‘thinking time’! x H

    • Thanks Helena!
      Not sure housework will ever be my thing though…
      All the best
      Joc 🙂

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