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A leap of faith

Wake-up calls

We all get wake-up calls from time to time. Wake up calls can sometimes be wonderful – like the birth of a new baby. But often enough wake-up calls can be painful – an accident, illness, or even death of someone close.

Recently, a period of sick leave on the back of a difficult year has given me the wake-up call I’ve needed to make some significant changes to my life and my career. And to take a big leap of faith.

So what’ve I done?

Small(ish) stuff

Well, I’ve uncovered the fact that really I’m an Apple person! I’ve chucked in the Android smartphone and Windows computer for an iPhone, iPad, Macbook suite. Is this life changing? Well it feels like it right now because I can’t get the computer to recognise our printer.

But it’s short term pain. Once I’ve got the hang of scrolling the other way, gestures and other Apple idiosyncrasies – I’ll be synced and swimming.

But challenging as this may be (for now), it is really only small stuff.

Bigger stuff

What is much bigger stuff is my decision to resign as an employee and branch out on my own as a Consultant. A Consultant in Health and Medical Services.

It’s been something I’ve been thinking about doing for a while, but just never seemed to get around to. It’s been so easy to take one job after the other because they were there, without thinking whether they were what I truly wanted to do.

And it’s only challenges and pain that has given me the push to do what I really want and jump onto the road I want to be on. But it’s going to be a big learning curve – more than just reprogramming how I scroll. It’s a whole new hat to wear and language to learn.

But I love learning and love challenges, so I’ve no doubt by the time I’m Apple literate, I’ll be Consultant literate too.

And as big as all this is, there’s bigger.

A leap of faith

The biggest change has been taking a leap of faith in myself. It’s been the leap of faith I’ve needed to make to take a risk and resign a well paying job. It’s been the leap of faith to let go of safety nets. It’s a leap of faith to to chase after my dreams and not settle for autopilot. And it’s this leap of faith I’m proudest of (even more than showing off my iPhone).

Taking a leap of faith has felt at times a little like I’m heading head first into water. A little bit like being on a roller coaster too. But with the tension has come excitement and hope.

And excitement and hope are wonderful feelings to have. Feelings I’m very grateful to have. They are feelings that chase away pain and challenges.

And it’s with excitement that I hope and pray I find success and can do the good in the world I’m dreaming of.

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